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Did you know, Iran is one of the most strategic places in the world and it’s properties prices are still the lowest compared to the rest of the world?

Although, for some it seems to be a risky investment, however if you make a good choice about the place and type of the property to invest for in Iran, it can be a great deal after a few years and you will get surprised how and why you could have such a bargain and you had never realized.

There are still plenty of places which are untouched by human in Iran and it’s unique geographical placement in connecting south and north, west and east, and also being like a hub between far different cultures and connecting them together are just two basic features of Iran land.

Why you should consider investing on buying land in Iran?

To most people view, Iran is like a desert and current world situation(Global warming) it’s not worth it to buy anything in this area. but simply its just a big mistake and less developed tourism industry in Iran made it hard for rest of the world to know its unique climate uncovered for you.

There are plenty of mountains and rivers in Iran which its like heaven in the middle of hell and unbelievable for most of people even to think about it. The Caspian sea in the north and Persian Gulf in the south, many islands like Kish and Abu-Mousa in Persian Gulf, and many more features make it a very good environment for you to choose in between.

If you would love to have European like climate, you can choose north, on the other hand if you would like the hot weather and taking sun bath, you may choose south of Iran. Even if you don’t like to live in Iran, just investing on properties in Iran for a few years, you would see an amazing return in your investment.

How to make a smart investment in Iran?

Like any other place in the world, you can get easily ripped off, by being a foreigner in a country, and finding a trustworthy person to help you for your investment is not easy like anywhere else. Choosing a right place to look at is the key for your investment. And of course that place is the place in which local people are dealing their properties. that’s why we are offering you one of best websites to search for any properties deals in Iran. Postmelk is one of the most well-known websites in Iran for selling and buying any properties in Iran, including apartment, land, villa, condo, houses ant etc.

It’s unique filters and it’s simplicity of working with, make it a great tool for finding your deal without any broker in between. you can easily list properties in any province, city or even neighbors, or choose map view to see then on the map. If you are familiar with website, Postmelk is very similar and will help you to find best deal in Iran.

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